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MB 252: Want to Raise Capital? Focus on Investor Relations! – With David Meilan

Raising capital is at the heart of multifamily syndication. But how do you build relationships with prospective investors and make them feel comfortable enough to trust you with their hard-earned money? David Meilan is the Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of The Michael Blank organization. He has worked in the multifamily space since 2018, raising over $100M in investor capital for a range of commercial syndications. David excels at maintaining relationships with investors, and he is committed to helping people achieve financial freedom through passive investing in multifamily real estate. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, David joins me to discuss the importance of building relationships with investors and explain what he is doing to turn prospects into raving fans of Nighthawk Equity. He walks us through the steps of raising capital for a deal, describing how we make the process easy for investors and stay in communication after close. Listen in for David’s insight on producing content for potential investors and learn how to leverage strong investor relations to raise money for YOUR next multifamily deal!

Key Takeaways

How to turn prospective investors into raving fans
  • Provide great multifamily investment opportunities
  • Communicate early and often, be responsive
  • Build trust with educational content (guide through process)
Why it’s important to build a relationship with investors
  • One-on-one call to get to know investors and build trust
  • Tailor opportunities to investor profile and preferences
How David tracks his conversations with investors
  • Keep notes during call re: what investor is looking for
  • Document on spreadsheet and in ActiveCampaign
David’s insight on the process of producing content for investors
  • Ultimate goal of helping investors on financial journey
  • Batch videos based on FAQs, outsource production
How Nighthawk goes above and beyond on investor relations
  • Communicate re: upcoming opportunities
  • Inform how property is performing (update webinars)
What Nighthawk is doing to recognize strategic investors
  • Build out investor club tiers
  • Reward those who put large amounts of capital in deal
What a Nighthawk Equity capital raise campaign looks like
  • Email investors with preliminary info re: opportunity
  • Webinar to talk about deal in depth (2 weeks later)
  • Fill out paperwork, e.g.: PPM and company agreement
  • Receive funding instructions and follow through
How Nighthawk Equity streamlines the investing process
  • Managed through online investor portal
  • Automates workflow (easy for investors + syndicator)
How David maintains investor relations once a deal closes
  • 3 monthly follow-up investor update webinars
  • Monthly email update for duration of investment
  • Respond to investor questions within 24 hours
David’s advice for syndicators around raising capital
  • Provide investors with sense of comfort
  • Set self apart by making them feel safe

Connect with David Meilan

Nighthawk Equity David on LinkedIn


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