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MB403: How to Raise Capital at Scale (in Any Market!) — With Bronson Hill

Passive investors are fearful in the current market environment. Many got burned by rising interest rates, and they’re skittish about putting more money into real estate right now. Listen in as Bronson Hill explains how to position a multifamily deal and raise capital at scale—even when it’s not a popular time to invest.

MB397: Reduce Risk & Earn Solid Returns (Even in a Recession!) – With Mark Khuri

Mark Kuhri

Mark Khuri’s real estate business survived the crash of 2008. And the lessons he learned through that experience can help us take advantage of similar circumstances in the current market. Listen in as Mark explains how to find good deals in tough economic times and learn how to reduce your risk—without reducing expected returns!

MB371: Overcome Fear with Practice, Invest with Confidence – With Mai Duong

Mai Duong

Most aspiring real estate investors struggle with fear. But the ones who become successful GPs work through their fears with practice. Listen in as Mai Duong explains how she overcame fears around talking to brokers, raising capital and finding partners through preparation, learning the ropes as an LP before she became an active multifamily investor.

MB340: Upgrade Investor Relations Through Syndication Software – With Perry Zheng

Upgrade Investor Relations Through Syndication Software

If you’re a new syndicator with a small network, you can keep track of investors on a spreadsheet and raise money manually. But the process becomes more and more tedious as your investor database grows. Listen in as Perry Zheng explains how investor management software automates the process of raising equity for multifamily syndications!

How Much Money Do You Need To Invest in Real Estate?

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: You might be thinking you don’t have enough money to do your first deal, but money is everywhere. Deals are harder to come by, but the world is made of money. You can invest in real estate with zero money of your […]

MB335: Serve Investors by Solving Their Problems – With Travis Watts

Investor relations is not about selling a deal. It’s about getting to know individual investors and solving their problems. But what does that look like in practice? Listen in as Travis Watts explains how to build relationships with potential investors and educate them around the benefits of investing in multifamily syndications.

MB319: An Introvert’s Guide to Raising Capital – With Jonathan Wei

An Introverts Guide to Raising Capital

English is Jonathan Wei’s second language and he’s a quiet, introverted guy. And yet, he’s raised millions of dollars for multifamily syndication deals. What’s his secret? Listen in as Jonathan explains how to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve the same success in commercial real estate that you’ve had in other areas of your life!

MB317: Building Wealth in Minority Communities – With Duamel Vellon


A 2017 Forbes headline reads, ‘Median Wealth of Black and Latino Families Could Hit Zero by the Middle of the Century.’ That hit home for Puerto Rican-born Duamel Vellon. Listen in as he shares his mission to make multifamily investors out of his friends and peers, explaining how he quit his job with real estate!

MB306: To Scale Your Business, Put Investors First – With Veena Jetti

To Scale Your Business, Put Investors First – With Veena Jetti

When you’re doing your first multifamily deal, scaling the business is the last thing on your mind. But if you don’t think about scale early on, you’ll be fighting fires as you grow. Today, Veena Jetti explains how she built a portfolio of 3,000-plus units worth $600M with systems that put the investor first.