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Chad Schieler saw himself as the numbers guy, so he let partners handle the task of raising money for his first big real estate syndication.

But his team was short. At closing, they had $1M of a $1.4M raise, and Chad had to take out a bridge loan to cover the rest.

That experience inspired Chad to overcome his limiting beliefs around raising money and take his syndication business to the next level.

Today, he is Founder and Principal at Focused Capital, a multifamily firm that helps busy professionals generate passive income and create wealth through real estate investing.

After 17 years running a successful credit card processing service business, Chad became a full-time real estate investor. He is a GP on 139 units and LP on 900-plus!

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chad explains what he struggled with early in his real estate career, describing his fears of asking for money and the flaw in his underwriting formula.

Chad discusses how investing in a mentor gave him the confidence to take on bigger multifamily deals and shares his approach to building a team as he scales.

Listen in for Chad’s advice on fast-tracking your path to financial freedom and learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs around raising capital and start sharing the opportunity to invest in real estate!

Key Takeaways

How Chad’s other business compares to multifamily syndication

  • Took 17 years of slow, steady growth to build previous business
  • Earned six figures within one year with real estate

How Chad got into real estate

  • Running successful credit card processing service company
  • Started dabbling in real estate as hobby

When Chad shifted from dabbling to building a real estate business

  • Realized side income could replace living expenses
  • Acquisition fees of $90K on first syndication

What Chad was struggling with before he got help from a mentor

  • Raising capital (wanted to make mistakes with his own money
  • Learning to underwrite right way

How working with a mentor made a difference for Chad

  • Confidence to take on bigger deals
  • Shortens learning curve, limits mistakes

How Chad overcame his limiting beliefs around raising money

  • Frustrating experience with being short on raise
  • Realize people grateful for opportunity to invest in real estate

How Chad thinks about working with partners

  • Important to have complementary skill sets
  • Must define roles and responsibilities very carefully

The biggest challenges Chad faces right now

  • How to be great leader and build out team
  • Finding enough deals that will pencil

Chad’s process for building a syndication team

  • 1099 VA and analyst paid in equity
  • Employees to do operations, acquisitions, investor relations

Chad’s insight on paying your team

  •  Find partners to work for free but get paid equity at first
  • Invest in employees once you have means

Chad advice for aspiring investors on how to fast-track your success

  • Get coach or mentor to help with first syndication
  • Plan to exit W-2 in one year

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