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Ed Hermsen’s first multifamily deal fell in his lap, and he got it done fast.

But because that initial success came somewhat easy, Ed hadn’t taken the time to work on his mindset.

He didn’t have a morning routine. He hadn’t practiced writing down his goals. And no one was holding him accountable to take the next steps.

That’s why it took Ed a full two years to buy his second apartment building!

Ed is a former mortgage banker turned full-time real estate investor with a portfolio of four multifamily properties and two RV parks.

He is also the creator of Campground Ventures, a YouTube channel designed to educate investors on the ins and outs of RV parks.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate, Ed explains why he’s the exception to the Law of the First Deal and describes what he did to get back into multifamily investing.

Ed opens up about why he’s self-funded all his deals so far, and we challenge him to overcome his fears around real estate syndications.

Listen in for Ed’s insight on the benefits of investing in RV parks and learn why you need MINDSET plus ACTION to grow your portfolio and achieve financial freedom with real estate!

Key Takeaways

Ed’s current real estate portfolio

What inspired Ed’s shift from SFHs to multifamily

Why it took Ed 2 years to do his second deal

Why Ed finally got back in the multifamily game

Why Ed has self-funded all his deals to date

How Ed might overcome his fears re: syndications

Why Ed wants to consider multifamily syndications

Ed’s approach to investing in RV parks

The benefits of investing in RV parks

What challenges Ed faces in running RV parks

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