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I welcome to the show Ed Hermson who closed his first 22-unit apartment building deal just 3 months after getting started. Ed estimates it will take him another year and a half to achieve $10,000 per month in passive income to replace his current income as a mortgage broker.

It's ALL about your first deal. The first one is the hardest and takes the longest, but the second (and third) follows in rapid (and almost automatic) succession. Ed follows that pattern: he currently has a 50-unit under contract. If he gets this one and another one just like it, he'll be there.

Retirement in 3 deals … the power of apartment building investing.


Key Takeaways

[2:26] Ed’s backstory

  • Worked in Mortgage Banking for 14 years
  • His commission pay structure made him nervous
  • 2008 was an eye-opening experience

[6:22] Why Ed decided to stop investing in single family housing

  • Not enough short-term income to justify the work/hassle

[7:36] Why Ed decided that Multifamily was a good fit

[9:36] What stops people, (including Ed), from getting that first deal done

[10:43] How Ed overcame his monetary limitations

[12:12] Why Ed decided to focus on smaller markets

  • Less competition

[18:21] How Ed found his first big deal

  • The power of property managers and why you should be nice to them

[23:21] Why paying for an appraisal on an apartment complex is usually a waste of money

  • The Single Family Investing Mindset

[24:29] Ed’s advice on building an investment team

  • Choose people with diversity of experience

[25:34] How you can find the time for multi-family investing while working full-time

[36:53] Ed’s advice to new investors

  • Find 3-4 individuals that have skills/knowledge that you don’t have
  •  Start putting together sample deals with deal analyzer

[38:19] Why you should focus on building relationships with bankers and property managers (instead of just realtors)

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