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5 Steps to Clarity and Living an Intentional Life

I used to feel stuck, drifting through life, until my early 30s. Since then, I’ve been working on living more intentionally. In this post, I’m going to share with you my 5 clarity practices that I’ve developed over the years, which have made a huge difference in how I design my life.

MB391: The Exception to the Law of the First Deal – With Ed Hermsen

Ed Hermsen

Ed Hermsen’s first multifamily deal fell in his lap, and he got it done fast. But because that initial success came easy, Ed hadn’t worked on his mindset. Listen in as Ed explains why it took him 2 years to buy his second apartment building and what he did to get back into the game!

Keeping the Right Mindset as an Active Investor

keeping the right mindset

As an active investor in multifamily real estate syndication, your mindset plays a crucial role in your success. Maintaining the right mindset can help you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your financial goals. In this blog post, we will explore key elements of a winning mindset for active investors in multifamily real estate syndication. […]

3 Things to Focus On to Shift Your Career in Real Estate

Three Things to Focus On

Are you ready for a shift in your career? Do you want to pursue opportunities in the world of real estate? Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a change or a fresh graduate eager to enter the industry, making a successful transition requires focus and strategic planning. Here are three key areas to concentrate […]

Scarcity or Abundance?

Scarcity or Abundance

When it comes to achieving success in multifamily real estate investing or any other endeavor, one crucial but often overlooked element is mindset. Your mindset can be the difference between seeing opportunities in abundance and being trapped in an attitude of scarcity that limits your potential. Scarcity or Abundance? The Power of Mindset for Multifamily […]

Adopting a Success Mindset

Adopting a Success mindset

As a multifamily real estate investor, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of deal analysis, property management, and financing. But often, the key to success lies in your mindset. Adopting a success mindset can help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles that come your way. Here are some tips for adopting […]

3 Mindset Hacks to Conquer Roadblocks

3 mindset hacks to conquer roadblocks

We all encounter roadblocks that seem insurmountable at times. But the truth is that success in this industry, or in life, often depends on your mindset and your ability to push past obstacles. Here are three powerful mindset hacks that can help you conquer roadblocks and achieve your investment goals. 3 Mindset Hacks to Conquer […]

Achieve Your Potential With Multifamily

Achieve Your Potential with Multifamily

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If so, then multifamily real estate investing may be the solution for you. In fact, multifamily may be the pathway to achieving your potential. Achieve Your Potential With Multifamily Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this […]

Don’t Let Emotional Attachment Wreck Your Deal


If you’re working on a potential first deal, there’s something you should keep in mind. You may be excited, motivated, and pumped up…but don’t allow yourself to become emotionally attached. Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Don’t Let Emotional Attachment Wreck Your Deal If you’re emotionally attached, you’re […]

Morning Mindset Meditation (Beat the Sun)

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: We’re on a mission to help you become financially free. You are learning, taking in information, and honing your skills for a reason. You have a destination in mind. You want to live as much time as possible in your perfect day. […]