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We’re on a mission to help you become financially free.

You are learning, taking in information, and honing your skills for a reason. You have a destination in mind. You want to live as much time as possible in your perfect day.

But have you ever taken the time to envision what your perfect day would look like?

It will be different for everyone, of course, buy my perfect day takes place near the saltwater. I spend time with my family, go out on my sailboat, enjoy Happy Hour, and have dinner at a nice restaurant.

Morning Mindset Meditation (Beat the Sun)

No matter where I am or what's going on, there is one aspect of my daily routine that I never miss, and that's my Miracle Morning. This practice changes everything.

Every morning, I get up early and experience the silence at the beginning of the day. I meditate, pray, read, journal about what has gone well and what I can do better, then I do my affirmations and visualize and plan the rest of the day. I exercise around 7:30, have breakfast with my family around 8:00, and I’m ready for work by 9:00.

This is how I set my course for reaching my full potential. This is how I am always becoming a better version of myself.

Every morning. This is my routine for success. I create my perfect day over and over again, by adhering to these habits.

The concept of the Miracle Morning is one I learned years ago from my friend Hal Elrod. In his book the Miracle Equation, he shared an approach to affirmations that clicked for me. Affirmations always felt insincere and artificial until I heard Hal explain that it’s crucial to reaffirm your WHY everyday. Now, that was a concept that made sense to me.

Hal believes, and I agree, that if you’re pursuing your goals in the right way, the outcome is becomes less important than the journey.

The person you become as you work to achieve your goals is what really matters.

If your goal is to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, then this might be a helpful mantra to add to your morning routine:

“I am committed to maintaining unwavering faith that I will be financially free, and I will continue to put forth extraordinary effort until I do, NO MATTER WHAT—THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.”

When you build an affirmation like this into your daily routine, you direct your energy toward full commitment.

Next, you want to think about why are you committed to this goal and build reminders into your daily practice.

Your affirmation might be, “I’m committed to my mission is because having financial freedom will allow me to provide for and spend time with my family.”

When you remember and affirm your reason, every day, you will stay motivated through the tough times.

And you will remember who you are and why you are doing what you do.

Affirmations will help you maintain your focus because effective affirmations get specific about what you’re willing to do every single day to achieve your goals. They are the fuel that keeps you going. For example, I remain committed to analyzing one deal every day during my lunch hour—without being emotionally attached to the results.

My morning routine sets the tone for the rest of my day, my perfect day, and practicing mindfulness builds on itself, lighting the way for me to become a better version of myself as I achieve my goals.

You are deserving AND capable of achieving financial freedom.

With that mindset in place, begin to envision your perfect day.

Allow yourself to experience what that day feels like. Then, construct and implement your morning routine. In the silence at the start of each day, practice your affirmations, establish your level of commitment, and assert your worthiness. You are the architect of your future.

When you get up before the sun to align yourself to your purpose, you will be better able to take the action you need to take to achieve your goal of financial freedom.

Plus, you’ll become a better version of yourself in the process!

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