We’ve talked about the important role that mindset plays in multifamily investing, but there’s something that I believe is even more critical to success; FINDING your WHY.   

If mindset is the key, your WHY is the engine.

Today, we are going to talk about the importance of finding your WHY, share examples of others that have found theirs, and end with a 3-step plan to create yours.

Join us in the video below or read on!

Setting a Strong WHY

I truly believe that having a strong WHY is at the root of success. 

Making money is a weak reason to do anything. Without a “why” attached to it, your money won’t accomplish much for you.  

Think about it from this perspective – what good does another $100,000 do for a millionaire that has no purpose for it?  

To build a strong WHY you have to think about what’s important to you, your family, or your cause. It’s really about finding a mission for your money.

Yours could be as big as solving world hunger. Or it could hit closer to home, like taking care of ailing parents.

Whatever it is, your WHY has to be BIGGER THAN YOU.

When your mission goes beyond making money, it becomes a powerful driver. You will have less room for failure because if you fail, the whole mission fails.

So when you build a strong WHY, you are more likely to do everything that is required of you to succeed.

Setting yourself up for financial freedom is a lot like that. You must educate yourself, open your mind, and expand outside of your comfort zone. You can’t just sit back and have your financial advisor call all of the shots. 

They aren’t motivated by your why. Only YOU will find power in that.

Real-Life Examples

In our video conversation, we share some examples of people living with a purpose and a strong WHY guiding their life. Do any resonate with you?

  • Christina wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so she got into real estate. She now works from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is able to take her daughter to school every weekday.  
  • Bronson’s sister operates a non-profit that helps people escape human trafficking; something that affects millions of people across the world. To date, the organization has raised about $8 Million dollars. Being financially free allows Bronson to help his sister and her organization's growth.
  • Some of the biggest names that I’ve interviewed on my podcast like Robert Helms, Robert Kiyosaki, and Grant Cardone all have a mission. You might assume that a guy like Grant is all about the money and material items, but when you dig down, he’s really a mission-based guy. 

As for me, Michael Blank, my mission is to help others become financially free. Why? Because my journey was long and convoluted. And I lost so much money in the process!  

I don’t want others that are looking for financial freedom to make the same mistakes I did. 

There are high-income earners out there paying too many taxes and don’t have enough options to provide a consistent, predictable cash flow. With multifamily investing, these people can find financial freedom within 2 years. 

I want to connect with as many of these people as I can about this amazing alternative investment. At least, those that are willing to listen with an open mind!

Spreading this education through my videos, blogs, and events is what drives me to work every single day. It’s also why I became an active investor via NightHawk Equity. I see our work there as an important part of keeping the multifamily investment space alive and well. 

So let me ask, what drives you?  If you’re not sure, read on.

A 3 Step-Plan to Find Your WHY

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs

If we're just existing; if we're just here on this earth without a vision, then there's no purpose.  There's really nothing to look forward to. 

My mission is to help people become financially free, so they can focus on their mission in life without worry.  

And because I know that having a strong WHY is of the utmost importance in becoming financially free, I want to give you a 3-step plan to help you find and develop yours:

  • Check out Simon Sinek’s book – Start with WHY.  It’s an excellent read that started a movement and is an international bestseller for a reason.
  • Talk to your family about your WHY. Getting your family on board with a plan that will change their life is super powerful. It’s amazing what you can accomplish as a team, and I think it’s absolutely critical.
  • Share your WHY with us. What would it look like if your life was financially free? Once your vision is clear, share it here by commenting below! You might be surprised by how fast things start to move once you share it with others. 

If you feel you need some accountability in setting and reaching your goals on your path to WHY, reach out to me. Part of my educational platform includes mentoring sessions. I’ll even conduct your first 60-minute session for free to see if we’re a good fit. (Please, serious inquiries only!)

Thanks for spending part of your day with us. I look forward to reading your comments and aim to help you reach your WHY by becoming financially free.

Resources for Multifamily Investing

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