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Mindset is a powerful tool. I’d say that having the right mindset is KEY to success in life. 

It’s really no different in multifamily investing.

Today we are going to have a conversation about mindset. Specifically, the mindset you MUST have to succeed as a passive investor.

So if you’ve been thinking about investing in multifamily real estate, but haven’t changed your mindset to allow yourself to take the leap, this video is for YOU.

Join us below, or read on.

Gaining Clarity

If you’ve been watching our videos and have made it this far, you probably have a solid understanding of the great benefits in multifamily investing.

And this is KEY!

Once you clearly see the advantages that multifamily real estate provides, you’ll have the confidence to put your MONEY where your MIND is.

Here are the reasons why I, and so many other passive investors, choose to put our money and mindset into multifamily investing:

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Thinking Outside the Stock Box

Our goal at NightHawk Equity is to help people become financially free through this amazing investment class. We talk to people every day about the great advantages that multifamily investing offers. 

We see them nod their head in agreement and say, “yeah, this is GREAT!”

And then…they don’t do anything. Why?

I truly believe that the ONLY thing stopping these people is their mindset

They have the money; they know the benefits. But multifamily investing is new & unfamiliar territory for them. 

Unlike investing in the stock market, which we’ve all been trained by Wall Street to do. 

Think about it. 

The majority of passive investors turn to financial advisors for advice on where to put their money. Seems logical, right? The problem is…most advisors are BIASED to educate & sell you on the stock market, and nothing more.

Why? Because they are largely Wall Street educated and trained. They mostly manage and invest in the stock market because it’s ALL they know. It’s exactly what they are licensed to sell. 

And frankly, it’s the only thing they get compensated for!

So, why would they advise you to pull your money out of the stock market and into alternative investments like multifamily real estate? It’s a conflict of interest. 

I’m not saying that financial advisors are dumb or bad people. They simply aren’t likely to advise you on investment opportunities outside of what they know and are paid to sell. 

As a passive investor, you owe it to yourself to have an open mind and educate yourself on the options that exist outside of the stock market box. 

Breaking Tribe Mentality 

Another mental roadblock that I see stopping people from pulling the trigger on alternative investments like multifamily is tribe mentality

If a passive investor’s friends aren’t familiar and investing in these options, they typically don’t want to be the first. 

But the really cool thing is that the people that DO take the leap and find financial freedom with multifamily investing, end up being the loudest advocates for it. They start telling others about their success and educating people on how multifamily investing works. 

They are helping others to think outside the stock box.  Some even become active investors; taking their passion for multifamily real estate and pooling their resources to start their own GP.  

But it all starts with taking that first step.  This means taking on a leader mentality, and even being the FIRST willing to TAKE ACTION.  

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Have you heard of this phrase – “paralysis by analysis”? 

It’s something that happens to people when they’ve taken in too much information. 

They start to over-analyze every angle of a new idea or new opportunity. They end up not making ANY decision because they are afraid to make the wrong one

They’d rather stay comfortable. Stick with what they know.

This is what I think a lot of people struggle with; stepping outside of their comfort zones.

There’s another phrase that I’m sure you’ve heard – “Growth happens outside your comfort zone.”  Bottom line: if we're always operating within our comfort zone, we’ll never grow. 

From a mindset perspective, opening up your mind is a fundamental requirement. But after that, for someone to take action they must feel comfortable being slightly outside their comfort zone.

But here’s the thing: Creating change is a skill.

Take my kids, for example. I like to expose my kids to new things. And I try to get them to eat new foods to help them grow that skillset of creating change.  

So, I’ll offer them something new and sometimes they object. They don’t want NEW food. They want the old food that they know they love!

Aren’t we ALL just big kids? To grow, we must create change. And to change, we have to take a leap of faith in ourselves and our ability to take educated risks.

Educational Resources

If you haven’t already, check out my free report that compares the stock market to investing in real estate. It’s a really great segway into educating yourself about multifamily syndications.

Another way to gain insight into multifamily investing is to talk to other investors. Conferences are a great way to do that!  Check out:

I have a mentor in real estate and he said there's really two things that are going to help you the most. The 1st is networking, and the 2nd is education. You get both of those at live events. 

If you’d like to get to know us before attending DealMaker Live, let’s connect over the phone. Just go to our website and select the “Join” button to schedule that initial call.

We exist to provide you with the keys to financial freedom, and that's truly our passion. So THANK YOU for taking the time and allowing us to share with you.

We'll see you on the next video!

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