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Adversity is not optional. Whether you’re a Navy SEAL or a multifamily investor, you’re going to face difficult circumstances. And while you don’t have control over what happens, you DO control how you respond. Are you going to let adversity knock you down? Or will you rise to the occasion? 

Chad Williams the bestselling author of SEAL of God, a memoir of his grueling journey through Naval Ops training and onto the war-torn streets of Iraq. Chad is also a sought-after international speaker, drawing on his experience as Navy SEAL to share lessons around teamwork, integrity, mental toughness and overcoming adversity, and he is set to deliver the keynote address at Deal Maker Live next week in Dallas.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Chad joins cohost Drew Kniffin and me to explain how the principles he mastered as a SEAL apply to multifamily investing, challenging us to be servant leaders and stay calm in the face of adversity. Chad offers advice on staying the course in difficult times, describing how a strong WHY made him one of only 13 SEAL trainees to graduate (in a class of 173). Listen in for Chad’s insight on the choice you have to let adversity be a weight or a wing and learn to be resilient regardless of the challenges life brings your way!

Key Takeaways 

The story of Chad’s final operation in Iraq

What it looks like to be a servant leader

Chad’s advice on how to respond to adversity

The challenge of completing the training to become a SEAL

How to stay the course and endure through challenging times

Connect with Chad Williams

Navy SEAL Chad Williams

SEAL of God by Chad Williams

SEAL of God on Instagram


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