Join Michael Blank and Navy SEAL Chad Williams for an Additional Day of Adventure at Deal Maker Live

If you’re already coming to Deal Maker Live in Dallas July 16-17, why not join Michael and keynote speaker and Navy SEAL Chad Williams for a day of adventure at a 1,000 acre Texas ranch?

You will be a part of a small group of investors pushed to your limits physically and mentally, while learning survival skills, escape and evasion techniques, team movement, and overcoming obstacles.  

This is a unique opportunity to hang out with Michael, the Nighthawk team and other investors, advance your comfort zone, and learn military tactics from Chad that apply to your personal character and business life.

Event Details

The event will take place on a 1,000 acre ranch approximately 100 miles from Dallas.  We will leave the Hilton Anatole right after Deal Maker Live on Saturday night (July 17) and sleep in tents on the property.  The adventure begins first thing Sunday morning. 

You don’t have to be a performance athlete to participate, everyone is welcome! There will be a trained and qualified medic, and all food is cooked by a local chef who will be onsite with our team. 

Around 5pm, we will head to an AirBnB home where we can shower and enjoy stories from the day as well as warm beds.  You should plan on flying (or driving) home Monday morning.

The investment for the two nights and the day of adventure is $2,997, which covers all transportation, lodging, food and the experience itself. 

We only have space for 10 participants, so sign-up immediately to reserve your spot!

About Chad Williams

As a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, CNN Newsroom, Anderson Cooper 360 and more, Chad Williams draws from his experience in the military to provide a Navy SEAL's perspective on issues related to effective leadership, resilience, teamwork, overcoming adversity and motivation.

Just days prior to entering SEAL training, Chad's resolve would be thoroughly tested when he turned on his television one morning to see the unexpected graphic video footage of his mentor and training partner, Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston, who was brutally killed, mutilated, and dragged through the streets of Fallujah, Iraq. Hung upside-down from the Euphrates River Bridge while an incensed Iraqi mob repeatedly celebrated and chanted in Arabic, “Fallujah is the graveyard of Americans.” Helvenston's body was set ablaze as Chad witnessed. 

Forged by adversity, Chad became steeled in resolve to complete SEAL training in honor and memory of his good friend, Scott Helvenston. Chad entered the military's most difficult and grueling training known as BUD/S. As 1 of 13 out of a class of 173 trainees, Chad climbed the mountain and earned his Trident which signifies he had become a Navy SEAL. While the taste of success is great, Chad learned the SEAL Team motto of “earn your Trident everyday” which means the SEALs don't rest on their laurels, the training is never really over because they always strive for better! 

Serving his country proudly through multiple deployments on SEAL Teams One and Seven, Chad continued to hone the technical skill, tactical proficiency and attention to detail that our nation's best warriors adhere to. In an ironic final operation in Iraq, Chad's shares the story of how his SEAL Team was set up on a premeditated ambush similar to the location and scenario that took the life of his mentor Scott Helvenston but on that occasion Chad and his Team were victorious, overcoming the enemy and odds set against them in a gun battle to the death.

Today Chad is a bestselling author of his book, SEAL of God and an in demand keynote speaker. Drawing from his experiences as a SEAL, Chad grabs hold of his listeners, illustrating the SEAL mindset and ethos that revolve around leadership, teamwork, integrity, safety, mental toughness, discipline, overcoming adversity and grit. 

You’ll hear Chad speak at Deal Maker Live about lessons learned from his time in the military that you can apply to your life and syndication business.

Then on Sunday, he’ll make those lessons come alive in a real life adventure that you’ll remember forever. 

It’s going to be epic … I hope to see you there!


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