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With more buyers than product on the market, finding good real estate deals can be difficult—especially for newbies. But it’s not impossible. So, what can aspiring multifamily investors do to get a deal under contract?

Drew Whitson, Josh Sterling, Andrew Kuhn and Phil Capron are mentors for The Michael Blank Investor Incubator, Josh Thomas handles our mentoring program strategy calls, and Drew Kniffin and Garrett Lynch serve as President and Director of Acquisitions, respectively, at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of The Michael Blank organization. All seven are full-time multifamily investors themselves with a background in working with new real estate investors.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m sharing the panel discussion we had last year at Deal Maker Live around what’s working now to get deals under contract. We discuss the greatest fears facing new multifamily investors and explain how we coach our mentoring students to get brokers to take them seriously. Listen in for insight on building your investor list to raise money for deals and learn how to leverage joint venturing to get into multifamily real estate.

Key Takeaways

The biggest fears facing new multifamily investors

How to get brokers to take you seriously

The hierarchy of quality in multifamily deals

  1. Direct off-market from seller (rare)
  2. Broker first look
  3. Broker’s website
  4. LoopNet

Our mentoring team’s advice on raising money

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