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What Is The BEST Way To Start In Real Estate?

  The first deal is critical. Once you get your first deal done, the second and third follow automatically. We call it the law of the first deal. But there’s a bit of a different mindset with people as they approach the syndication business. Some people  stick their toe in; they do a small deal […]

Introducing Young Deal Maker – Cody Davis!

Whether you’re going through college, whether you’re going through multifamily, neither way is going to get you rich overnight. With that said, one other question you should ask is What’s the game you really want to play in the long term? Do you want to be in a professional career that you’re going to go to every day? Or do you want to be a multifamily investor?

MB 257: Achieve Financial Freedom Before You Turn 21– With Cody Davis

Achieve Financial Freedom Before You Turn 21 With Cody Davis

We’re told that without a college degree, we can’t earn good money. But Cody Davis realized he didn’t need earned income if he could make passive income with multifamily real estate. Today, Cody explains how he built a portfolio of 24 units by the age of 21—without using any of his own money!

How To Do Your First Apartment Deal Without Experience

How To Do Your First Apartment Deal Without Experience

This might come as a surprise to you, but you don’t need five to 10 years of single-family house investing experience to get started with apartment buildings. In fact, you can get started without any experience in real estate or otherwise at all. But how do you do this? How do you get brokers and investors to take you seriously?

How I Bought an Apartment Building Without My Own Money

How to Buy an Apartment Building

This is my story about how I bought a 12-unit apartment building with money raised from private individuals. Lessons Learned from a Deal Against all Odds and a Nightmarish First Year. Don’t make the same mistakes as I did and learn how to raise money to buy your first apartment building.

MB 198: The Calculated Courage to Do Your First Deal – With Craig Schumacher, MAI

The Calculated Courage to Do Your First Deal – With Craig Schumacher

Is fear stopping you from doing your first multifamily deal? Nervous about losing the relative safety (and health insurance) that comes with a W-2? Today, Craig Schumacher joins me to explain how he developed the calculated courage to quit his job as a real estate appraiser and build his own multifamily and student housing portfolio.