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You don’t know what you don’t know. And if you’re doing your very first multifamily acquisition, every little thing that comes up can seem insurmountable.

But if you have the support of a mentor, they can talk you through those obstacles, prevent rookie mistakes, and alleviate your concerns as an aspiring investor.

Jeremy Lemere is a successful investor and operator of multifamily, commercial, and self-storage facilities in Northeast Wisconsin. 

He is also a mentor with the Michael Blank program, and his investment portfolio of $15M is made up of personal investments, self-directed IRA funds, solo 401(k) funds and real estate syndications.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jeremy joins guest host Marybeth Noonan to explain how being a student in our mentoring program helped him transition out of his W-2.

Jeremy describes how he stayed connected to our network through a mastermind and eventually joined the team as a mentor, sharing his strengths in understanding finance and capital markets.

Listen in for insight on playing in different asset classes for the best return and learn how a mentor can help you learn the business of being a real estate investor! 

Key Takeaways

How Jeremy got into real estate investing

How Jeremy became a mentor with Michael Blank

Jeremy strengths as a mentor in our program

The benefit of having a mentor as a multifamily investor

What you need to find success in Michael’s program

Jeremy’s take on the key to successful investing

What Jeremy looks for in an investment opportunity

Why Jeremy is excited about his future

What Jeremy would change if he could go back in time

Jeremy’s advice to aspiring real estate investors 

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