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Too many of us get to the end of our lives and ask, “Why didn’t I follow my passion?” But what if you didn’t wait? What if you asked yourself the tough questions NOW? What if you put your energy and resources into the thing that really makes you come alive? What if you took a now-or-never approach to pursuing an intentional life?

Paul Nagaoka is Managing Partner at Syndicate, a commercial and multifamily real estate investing firm based in Kansas City. He draws on his background as a mortgage broker, realtor and investor to identify high-yield investment opportunities and manage risk through careful analysis and creative problem-solving. Prior to Syndicate, Paul ran his own solo real estate investing company, growing the team to 30 employees and subs with ownership in 350-plus units.

Today, Paul joins me to share his approach to living an intentional life. He discusses his hiatus from real estate, explaining how the passive income from investments allowed Paul to pursue an acting career and become a celebrity in Southeast Asia! He offers insight into why he needed a break from real estate and describes how he is running his business differently now. Paul also covers the value in developing an abundance mindset and finding opportunities that others miss. Listen in for Paul’s secrets to finding off-market properties—and get his advice on getting off the sidelines and engaging in an intentional life.

Key Takeaways

Paul’s hiatus from real estate

Why Paul needed a break from real estate

How Paul is running his business differently now

Paul’s insight around taking on partners

Paul’s take on living an intentional life

What inspires people to act on their passions

What Paul is excited about moving forward

Examples of where Paul sees opportunity

How Paul finds off-market deals

How to find off-market deals without a broker

Paul’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

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