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According to the mainstream media, the sky is falling in the real estate market.

But is that entirely true?

While no one can predict exactly what will happen in the global economy or how it might impact real estate, Robert Helms is a student of the markets. And he can tell us how to prepare for the change that’s coming our way.

Robert is Founder and Host of the top-rated Real Estate Guys Radio Show. He has 18 years of experience working in a real estate brokerage with his dad, Bob ‘the Godfather of Real Estate’ Helms, and has been involved in development projects worth more than $300M.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we're sharing the replay of Robert’s talk at Deal Maker Live, where he explains why the mainstream media doesn’t get the real estate markets right and why investors like us need to pay attention anyway.

Robert walks us through a SWOT analysis of the real estate market, describing the current opportunities and threats to multifamily investors.

Listen in for Robert’s insight around the purchasing power of the US dollar and learn how apartment building investors like YOU can prepare for a fundamental change to the economy and thrive regardless of the circumstances!

Key Takeaways 

Why the mainstream media doesn’t get the real estate markets right

Why investors need to pay attention to mainstream media anyway

Robert’s insight on what a SWOT analysis looks like for real estate

The current opportunities in the multifamily real estate market

The current threats to the multifamily real estate market

How Robert thinks about the purchasing power of the USD

Robert’s advice on how to prepare for an economic crisis

Why the future is still bright for apartment building investing

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