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Most new multifamily investors focus on deal flow. We know that capital flow is important, but we figure we can rely on friends and family to fund our first few deals.

But eventually, the money runs out. So, if you want to scale a real estate business, you’ve got to grow your sphere of potential investors. And the easiest way to do that is through an online thought leadership platform.

Brian Wagers raised capital for his first 361 units simply by talking to people one-on-one. And then he realized that to achieve scale, he needed to pay more attention to marketing.

Brian is Founder of Wagers Capital, a real estate investing firm with $4.1M in multifamily assets. To date, Brian has built a portfolio of 447 units in his home state of Arkansas and another 125 in Texas.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Brian joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share the steps he took to get into multifamily and explain how live events helped him see the possibilities of growing a multimillion-dollar portfolio.

Brian walks us through the steps he took to build an online thought leadership platform, describing how his social media presence and podcast appearances attract new investors to Wagers Capital.

Listen in to understand how Brian leveraged my Platform Builders Workshop to build out his marketing systems and learn how to scale YOUR syndication business by focusing on deal flow and capital flow at the same time!

Key Takeaways 

How Brian got into multifamily investing

The steps Brian took to shift to multifamily

  1. Reach out to commercial brokers
  2. Talk to friends and family
  3. Get educated in space
  4. Attend live events, trainings

Why live events were crucial to Brian’s success

How Brian raised capital for his first few deals

Brian’s AHA moment re: scaling his business

How Brian built a thought leadership platform

How Brian’s social media presence benefits his business

Brian’s top takeaways from the Platform Builders Program

What Brian would do differently to scale faster

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