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The recent foreclosure on 3,200 units in Houston has investors nervous about putting their money in multifamily.

But does that default mean we should all be sitting on the sidelines?

John Casmon argues that investing in apartments is a business, just like any other. And if we avoid the red flags in the Houston deal, we can (and should) continue business as usual.

John is Head of Acquisitions and Investor Relations at Casmon Capital Group, a multifamily investing firm committed to helping busy professionals achieve financial freedom.

John has invested in over $100 million worth of apartments, and he is passionate about consulting with active multifamily investors to help them start or grow their business.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, John joins us to discuss what mistakes the Houston operators made and how to protect yourself from a similar fate.

John explains how he got started with 2- to 4-unit multifamily properties and shares the breakthrough that gave him the confidence to raise money for bigger deals.

Listen in for John’s insight on overcoming low market sentiment and learn why you should still be analyzing deals and looking for opportunities in apartments right now!

Key Takeaways

How John got into apartment investing

Why John started with multifamily vs. SFH rentals

How John got serious about working with other investors

John’s breakthrough around raising money from LPs

John’s approach to speaking with potential investors

How John transitioned from Chicago to other real estate markets

John’s insight on the 3,200-unit foreclosure in Houston

What lessons we can learn from the Houston foreclosure

How John is protecting himself in the current economy

John’s take on the limitations of fixed long-term debt

Why John is still looking for deals right now

How John is overcoming low market sentiment

What’s behind the increase in dealflow John sees in the Midwest

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