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Real estate was a big winner in the tax reform bill passed in December 2017. So, how exactly do the new laws impact us as passive investors and syndicators? Tom Wheelwright joins me to discuss how multifamily investors can use the available incentives to reduce the amount of money we owe the government!
How do the multimillionaires and billionaires among us create and grow their wealth? What strategies do they implement to generate multiple revenue streams? Brian Fouts joins me to share the 5 Pillars of Elevated Wealth, explaining how to shift your mindset away from trading time for money—and pursue portfolio and passive income!
The vast majority of us get into multifamily investing because we are hungry for time freedom, yet many lose sight of that original goal in pursuit of financial wealth. Landlord Coach Mark Dolfini joins me to explain how to calculate the value of your time and return your focus to the things that matter most!
You absolutely need to think big to be successful. But make sure you follow this advice or you'll never get out of the gate.
Alan Schnur was away on a business trip during 9/11. He lost 40 of his 44 team members that day, but he gained the drive for continuous growth and think-big mindset that informs his real estate career. Alan joins me to share his incredible journey from single family rehabs to multifamily syndication to retail acquisitions.
How many real estate investors are focusing on the things that matter most in this life? Read more to learn the 4 Steps to Living The Life You Want Now

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