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Are you an active real estate investor worried about the current risks in the multifamily market? Maybe you're thinking it's better to wait and avoid buying anything right now. Well, here's a twist:

There's actually less risk now than there was two years ago, and the buying opportunities have never been better.

Let's dive into why this is the end of an era for multifamily investing as we knew it—and why that's a fantastic opportunity for you.

The Shift in the Multifamily Market

What Changed?

Two years ago, in March 2022, we were at the peak of the multifamily market. Prices were at historic highs, cap rates were at their lowest, and everyone was jumping into multifamily investments. Fast forward to today, and it feels like we're at the bottom. Prices have dropped, sometimes up to 40% below their peak, and the market sentiment has shifted drastically.

Many investors feel burned by recent events — foreclosures, halted distributions, and capital calls have created a sense of unease. The news isn't helping either, with constant reports of market turmoil. But here's the thing: these conditions actually signal a great opportunity if you know what to look for.

Comparing Then and Now

Let's compare the current market to two years ago:

  1. Interest Rates: Two years ago, we had record-low interest rates and high loan proceeds, which added significant risk. Now, interest rates are at their peak, and the consensus is they will remain flat or decrease slightly. This stability reduces risk.
  2. Loan Proceeds and Leverage: Previously, you could get 80% loan-to-cost, including construction debt. This high leverage increased risk. Today, loan-to-value ratios are more conservative, typically around 70% and construction debt is less common. Lower leverage means lower risk.
  3. Type of Debt: Many distressed deals from the past used floating-rate debt, adding another layer of risk. Now, fixed-rate debt is more common, further reducing risk.

The Current Buying Opportunity

With reduced risks, let's talk about the buying opportunities:

Steps to Take Advantage of This Opportunity

  1. Get Educated: Knowledge is power. Watch my YouTube videos, listen to my podcast, and consider investing in more structured education programs. Understanding the market and honing your investment skills is crucial.
  2. Build Your Team: Start assembling your team – property managers, lenders, and brokers. Building these relationships now will position you to act quickly when the right deal comes along.
  3. Network with Brokers: Most deals (worth buying) won't be listed on public platforms like LoopNet. You need to talk to brokers to get access to off-market opportunities.
  4. Consider Mentorship: If you're serious about diving into multifamily investing, consider working with a mentor who can guide you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls.


The end of the multifamily era as we knew it marks the beginning of a new, more lucrative phase for savvy investors. With lower risk and more buying opportunities, now is the time to act. Don't miss out on this wealth-creation opportunity.

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