Here are a few web resources to help you track the commercial real estate market and economy for local markets as well as nationwide (thanks to Craig Haskell for the initial list). These resources are great for learning your local market, but also if you're considering investing out of area, too.

  1. Globest: commercial real estate news
  2. Costar: this site requires a paid subscription. But Google for “costar advisor” and sign up for their free, weekly newsletter with news and updates for up to three national markets.
  3. Multi-Housing News: free commercial real estate news and market data.
  4. CP Executive: commercial real estate news by region.
  5. Multi Family Executive: focus on apartment buildings
  6. NREI Online: news segmented by area and asset type.
  7. REIS Reports: market and sub-market analysis , sales and rental comps (paid but with free trial)
  8. Realty Rates Cap Rate index:

Hope you find this useful and you're having a great day!

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