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Do you dream of achieving financial freedom through real estate? Are you eager to learn the secrets to raising capital for multifamily investments?**

Then you won't want to miss this special episode with Barry Flavin—a multifamily syndicator and mentor with an impressive background in air traffic control and software sales.

Barry Flavin is a wealth of knowledge, having transitioned from owning single-family rentals to managing hundreds of apartment units and raising millions in capital. As a mentor for aspiring real estate investors, Barry is committed to sharing his expertise on achieving financial independence through apartment building investments.

On this episode of the Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing podcast, Barry sits down with Garrett Lynch and Michael Blank to share his compelling journey into the multifamily space. Barry opens up about his origin story, his strategic transition from single-family rentals, and how he effectively collaborates with his partner to achieve substantial growth.

Listen in as Barry discusses his role in capital raising, the importance of building a strong team, and the operational efficiencies that set their business apart. If you’ve ever wondered how to break into apartment investing or how to raise capital like a pro, this episode is packed with actionable insights.

**Key Takeaways:**

– **How Barry Got Started in Real Estate:**

– Began with single-family rentals while working a government job as an air traffic controller

– Partnered with a friend who was ahead in the game

– **Transition to Multifamily:**

– Realized the need to scale beyond single-family homes

– Moved into multifamily investments to generate significant wealth and income

– **Barry's Role in Capital Raising:**

– Talking to potential investors and pitching deals

– Building trust and demonstrating the value of real estate investments

– **Mentorship and Community Involvement:**

– Barry is a mentor himself, helping others achieve success in multifamily investing

– Discusses the benefit of learning from various markets and different operators

– **Operational Efficiencies:**

– Implemented streamlined property management software

– Constantly optimizing for cost savings and efficiency

– **Current Market Conditions:**

– Addressed the challenges and opportunities in today’s market

– Importance of adapting to different economic climates

– **Future Goals:**

– Aim to do one to two good deals a year for investors

– Continue growing the portfolio conservatively

**How to Contact Barry:**

– **Email:** [email protected]

**Take the Next Step Toward Financial Freedom:**

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Join us and tap into Barry Flavin’s wealth of knowledge on multifamily syndication and capital raising. Get inspired to take your first steps toward financial freedom with apartment building investing!

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