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Are you curious about alternative investments and how to diversify your portfolio like the wealthy? Do you want to understand how successful investors allocate their assets across various investment opportunities?

In this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m joined by Jim Dew, CEO of Dew Wealth Management. With 29 years of experience building virtual family offices and deep expertise in alternative investments, Jim offers insightful strategies on how millionaires and billionaires invest, helping you align your investment strategy with that of the supremely wealthy.

We'll cover a wide array of topics, from oil and gas investments to private debt and venture capital. Jim shares his views on the benefits and risks associated with each, including the importance of not letting tax benefits drive your investment decisions but considering the quality and longevity of the investment.

Listen in to learn how you can diversify your investment portfolio, understand the relative advantages of different asset types, and discover opportunities in real estate syndications through platforms like

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Oil and Gas Investment:

– Learn about the tax benefits, such as intangible drilling costs, that can offset active income.

– Discover why it’s essential to consider the investment quality alongside tax benefits.

– Explore the potential of oil and gas deals to provide a steady income stream despite the political and environmental factors.

Long-Term Outlook on Oil and Gas:

– Despite the political climate, understand why there are significant opportunities in oil and gas investments today.

Real Estate Investment Strategies:

– Leverage tax advantages like depreciation and 1031 exchanges.

– Evaluate the benefits of direct and indirect real estate investing for predictable income.

Venture Capital Insights:

– Understand the high-risk, high-reward nature of venture capital, particularly in tech startups.

– Consider Jim’s advice on only investing directly if familiar with individuals and due diligence.

Exploring Private Debt:

– Compare private debt to bond investments, noting its lower interest rate sensitivity.

– Discover how private credit opportunities, like lending for house flipping, can offer better interest rates and superior liquidity.

Expected Returns on Investments:

– Private debt can yield returns around 10-12%, while private equity ranges from 20-30%.

Equity Allocations:

– Learn why billionaires allocate around 28% to public market equities and the importance of diversification.

Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency:

– Understand Jim’s perspective on the speculative nature of gold and the cautious inclusion of cryptocurrency in a portfolio.

– Weigh the regulatory uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrency investments.

Alternative Investments and Multifamily Syndications:

– Explore alternative investments such as private equity, private debt, real estate, and commodities.

– Learn about multifamily syndications from platforms like and the importance of self-education in these areas.

Developing a Diversified Investment Strategy:

– Jim emphasizes starting with a single asset and gradually expanding as you educate yourself.

– Hear about the importance of a game plan for wealth allocation and not getting lost in tactics without an overall strategy.

Join us to hear more about Jim Dew’s wealth-building strategies and take away actionable insights to diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio.

If you’re interested in multifamily syndications, visit for upcoming opportunities and schedule a call to learn more.

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Tune in to learn how millionaires and billionaires build and diversify their wealth through strategic investments. Discover how to make informed investment choices and avoid common pitfalls for maximizing financial freedom.

Listen now and transform your investment knowledge to achieve financial independence!

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