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Do you wish you had more time to focus on what you do best? Are you struggling to manage all the aspects of your real estate business?

In this episode of the “Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing” podcast, Michael Blank and Garrett Lynch co-host an enlightening conversation with David Homyak, an expert in hiring high-level virtual assistants (VAs) with over five years of experience. David shares how strategic delegation can transform your business operations, allowing you to spend more time in your “genius zone.”

David Homyak is an expert in the field of virtual assistants, with a special focus on hiring experienced VAs for real estate businesses. He has developed a streamlined hiring process that minimizes the recruiter’s time and effort while maximizing the quality of hires.

David’s company specializes in finding VAs with extensive backgrounds, particularly in real estate, ensuring that they can handle complex tasks with ease. His approach to integrating VAs into business operations helps entrepreneurs and business owners delegate efficiently and drive growth.

**Key Takeaways:**

**David’s Expertise in Virtual Assistants:**

– David Homyak specializes in sourcing experienced VAs, simplifying the hiring process, and saving time for recruiters.

– His VAs bring extensive backgrounds in real estate, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses.

**Starting With Virtual Assistants:**

– Implementing VAs in one area as a trial can demonstrate their potential to save on payroll costs and boost overall business productivity.

**Improving Productivity and Job Satisfaction:**

– Focusing on high-value tasks while delegating the rest to VAs ensures better team productivity and higher job satisfaction.

**Investing in Multifamily Opportunities:**

– The hosts advocate for passive investing in multifamily real estate through and highlight enrolling in the Apartments 101 Masterclass available at

**Practical Hiring Tips for VAs:**

– David suggests posting job ads on platforms like and Facebook groups, using specific instructions to find detail-oriented candidates, and conducting interviews via Zoom.

– Clear training and guidance ensure VAs understand and accurately complete tasks.

**Expanding VA Services:**

– The episode explores a diverse range of tasks VAs can handle, from email management to financial analysis.

– David illustrates the benefits of hiring a manager VA to oversee a team, emphasizing the potential for creating corporate redundancy and improving delegation.

**The Value of Experienced VAs:**

– With most VAs from the Philippines and some from India and Jamaica, the importance of English proficiency and adaptable working hours is discussed.

– Experienced VAs offer substantial guidance on managing and optimizing performance, driving business growth efficiently.

**Special Offers for Listeners:**

– The first 100 listeners can access a complimentary personality assessment tool—Inter Metric Advanced Insights Profile—valued at $295. This tool helps business owners identify strengths and weaknesses to find the best VA fit. Visit [Michael Blank's website]( to claim your free assessment.

**Real-Life Applications:**

– Michael and Garrett share personal experiences of leveraging VAs to increase productivity and efficiency in their real estate businesses.

– Practical examples include delegating tasks such as travel bookings, investor relations, and marketing to VAs.


– Hiring virtual assistants can significantly free up time for business owners, allowing them to focus on creative and strategic thinking.

– By incorporating experienced VAs into your team, you can optimize performance and achieve sustainable growth.

Listen in to discover how David Homyak’s insights on virtual assistants can elevate your real estate business and help you achieve financial independence. Don't miss out on the free resources and special offers available exclusively to our listeners.

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