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Cody Davis acquired a few million dollars worth of real estate before he was able to legally buy an alcoholic beverage.

So we asked him to share some tips and strategies on how to build out your network, raise capital at a young age.

Or even if you're not at a younger age, you are younger in experience.

Your number one asset you're ever going to have, forget the real estate, forget the business for a second, it's going to be your story, you need to figure out how to build a story.

This is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Grab a piece of paper, put your name in the middle of a piece of paper and start mapping out your life: where you started, what you did, the jobs you've taken the opportunities you've missed, and kicking yourself for.

Map out your life.

And then over the next couple of weeks, draw out maybe four or five focal points that you want to focus on, and make that into a story that you are able to share with folks. And this leads into a really important topic.

You've got this great story now what?

Now you gotta learn how to present it. You learn how to talk to people, you learn how people are going to engage and if they're going to relate because if you have a great story, but no one relates to it. It's unattainable. It's impossible. It really takes one connection to get you into a room is what's going to help determine how successful you are.

Once you've built out your story, share it with everybody. Because some people aren't gonna resonate with it. That's okay. Not everybody's gonna see the vision. Share with them anyway.

Cody said: “ ..when I started doing this, I had to put it out on Facebook, I put it on YouTube, and none of these have really taken off. But they've gotten me opportunities that I didn't get otherwise they've gotten me new connections. Going online was how I met with Michael Blank. It's how I met with Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, I didn't expect that it was going to go there. But it did, because I started putting myself out there.

Say yes to every opportunity that could lead you to the place you want to go. Even if it looks like a dead-end, there are opportunities and hidden doors, you don't see yet.

If you want to build out a network, you need to be at every opportunity you can.

Rule number one with Grant Cardone is to show up. It's incredibly hard to grow your network if you're not trying to grow your network.

So if you want to play the game, play the game, show up to the opportunities. Be that yes type of person with the yes mentality.

And lastly, align yourself with the folks you want to be in sync with. If you want to be doing business with folks who are business-minded, they're trying to scale, they want to impact the communities.

And they're going to want to lift you up, especially if you're younger.

People want to help. They want to feel like they're helping you out, they want to give you that boost up. When you're in your teens and your 20s, you're in a special position where people want to gravitate energy towards you and lift you up disproportionately to that of folks who are a little bit older. Now, folks who are a little bit older, you could still do this, you can still craft the story, you can still put out the story, build your network.

This is doable, and it's especially doable at a young age. Get started now and thank yourself next year.

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