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Crypto. Blockchain.

What does it have to do with real estate?


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Tokenizing Real Estate

Recently, I talked to Michael Flight. He wasn’t a big blockchain kind of guy at first, but he is now.

Maybe you also have questions about what all of this is, and how it relates to what we do. Basically, Bitcoin is a transfer network, but instead of sending communications, you can actually send money, assets, or value.

All you need to do is know that if you put the asset up and somebody buys the asset, and they put the money up, the value transfer goes through immediately, and it’s worldwide.

When you say cryptocurrency blockchain, you're not necessarily referring to an investment vehicle in the cryptocurrency itself.

Blockchain and Bitcoin are two different things.

Blockchain is a value transfer network, and that's the Bitcoin network, which is the token that's traded on.

Bitcoin has an investment thesis that there are only going to be 21 million of a made and so it's going to be like digital gold.

Bitcoin on the one hand is a way to get money out of the system. Also easy to transfer instantaneously from one one to another. When you're talking about the value network of transferring money or assets, it's like a wire transfer.

So, how does real estate relate to Bitcoin or Crypto?

We're in the business of owning value.

If you invest in multifamily syndications and you have an apartment building that you want to sell to me, we can tokenize that and we can do the transfer and the transfer can go through and as long as I put up the money in you put up the apartment building and the transfer goes through.

As you know, we're interested in how you can make syndications more efficient, and how you can make syndications more accessible to a wider audience of people. Because real estate is the best investment in the world. It's the most stable investment in the world. It's the only thing that gives you cash flow.

Tokenization and blockchain make syndications more accessible to more people because the whole process doesn’t have to be done on paper. With digital transfer, and the shares recorded on blockchain, you keep track of your investors and the whole process becomes easier and less expensive.

With the security tokens, your investors can get paid as an ACH payment directly to their bank account, or they could choose to take their money in what's called a USD stable coin, or they could take it in in some form of crypto.

Your investors might be US citizens, but they might be living in Costa Rica, for example. So instead of having that all go through a US bank and then having to get it out of it all goes directly their money goes with them.

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