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You want financial freedom through real estate investing, and I want to help you get there!

I have the opportunity to talk to some of the most successful and inspiring people in the multifamily world.


Let's start with asset management. It may not be as sexy as raising money or chasing deals. But it’s the aspect of multifamily investing that makes a deal successful—or not.

Asset Management

So, what’s involved in the operation of an apartment building? And how can an asset manager work with their property management team to solve problems together?

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Kyle Mitchell discusses the role of a multifamily asset manager, and explains how he conducts monthly secret shopper audits.

Listen in for Kyle’s hands-on approach to renovation management and find out how he is navigating material and labor shortages in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The Curious Law of the First Deal

It’s overwhelming to think through how many doors you need to quit your job with real estate. But what if I told you that all you really have to do is get one multifamily deal under your belt?

Over and over again, I’ve observed that once an investor closes on their first deal, they achieve financial freedom very quickly—and with little effort. So, how does that work?

On this episode, I explain how your first deal triggers opportunities for second and third deals in rapid, automatic succession. I also share my idea of a Time Freedom Clock, discussing the typical timeline for quitting your job with multifamily.

Listen in to understand why the Law of the First Deal works and learn how our new Deal Maker Certification gets you ‘deal ready’ in just 90 days!

How to Get Brokers to Take Seriously

How do you get brokers to take you seriously if you’re brand new to multifamily?

Savannah Arroyo and her husband Lupe talked to 50 brokers before they found one who was willing to work with them. But that relationship led to three deals in nine months, allowing Savannah to quit her full-time job as an RN!

On this episode, she explains how she got that first broker to take her seriously. She describes how she and her husband Lupe created a five-year game plan for their real estate business and then put in the reps, taking daily action to realize that vision.

Listen in to understand the benefits of investing in your multifamily education and learn how Savannah is scaling her portfolio through partnerships and her platform.

Why Multifamily is Better Than the Stock Market

Investing in the financial markets is stressful, especially in a crisis. And even if you happen to be brilliant at options trading, $100K in the equity market will still only buy $100K in assets. On the other hand, investing $100K in multifamily will buy you a $500K asset—and earn you five times the return. Not to mention the fact that it’s essentially recession-proof!

On this episode, Bruce Fraser joins me to explain what makes multifamily a better investment than the financial markets, especially through the COVID-19 crisis. He tells us about his first multifamily deal (as one of my early coaching students!), discussing the challenges he faced early on and describing how the Law of the First Deal impacted his real estate career.

Listen in for Bruce’s insight on the advantage of choosing a niche in distressed assets and learn his aggressive but realistic approach to scaling a multifamily business.

Don't Follow Money, Make Money Follow You

Yes, work ethic and taking action are key in becoming a successful real estate investor. But mindset is even more important. Before you can start working toward the life you want, you have to shift your mindset and stop following the money to make money start following YOU.

On this episode, Keith Weinhold explains why mindset is crucial in becoming a successful real estate investor, describing how to make other people’s money work for you.

He weighs in on why delayed gratification is overrated, challenging us to cultivate an abundance mentality and start living the life we want right now. Listen in for Keith’s insight on the ‘shadow demand’ in the housing market and learn why inflation is a good thing for YOU as a multifamily investor.

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