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What does financial freedom mean?

What does it mean for you?

For me, it means that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whom I want. I have options. I am able to control my time.

One of the things I love to do is travel. Specifically, I love to travel with my family. It's not really satisfying for me to travel without my family. Experiencing new places with my family is really rewarding for me. For example, we're spending 30 days on on the beach here in the panhandle of Florida. It's just fantastic. My perfect day always takes place on the beach or on the water – maybe on a sailboat. So, I have 30 opportunities to have my perfect day.

It's not a vacation. There's still stuff going on – I have have podcast interviews, I have email to answer, but I'm doing it in a location where I want to be.

I have options.

We've done home exchanges in the past. We've spent 30 days in Mexico, we stayed in Canada, and Berlin. We're working, but w'ere working from wherever we want, experiencing what we want to experience.

That's really what financial freedom is to me. If I want to take a week off, or two weeks off, or four weeks off, I can do that, because of the passive income coming in.

Now, my mission is to help other people get free. I don't want to spend too much time off because I have a big mission. I want to help everyone who's thinking, “Hey, I want to quit my job, I want to financial freedom.”

If you're thinking about real estate, I want to to talk to you. If you're thinking right now that you want to quit your job and find financial freedom through real estate – and maybe your thinking single family house investing – this message is for you.

That's why my mission is so big. I want to reach people. I want you to think about your motivation. It's the why that's so critical. I want you to think about what  financial freedom means to you.

Why is it important? Talk about that with your spouse, your loved ones, and your family. Let me know in the comments what you came up with.

What does it mean to you?

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