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One of the things I'm really passionate about is supporting a mission in Uganda.

I’ve been a founding board member of this organization for 10 years and have been to Uganda twice!

I have a soft spot in my heart for kids, especially the kids in Uganda who don’t have things we take for granted, like an education, access to fresh water and medical care.

That’s why I’m so excited about what Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) is doing for these kids in this remote area of Uganda.

Halfway around the world, there’s a child right now wondering what his or her future will look like.

We are all prone to dream of bright days ahead. Yet how many children feel hopeless in the face of poverty, hunger, lack of opportunity, and now… the coronavirus?

It’s hard to dream when your reality feels like a nightmare.

The Student Sponsorship program at UCSS fights the barriers that hold children back from a hope-filled future.

It funds the schools that give education and opportunity to students in the community, while also providing healthy meals and free medical care to every student who attends.

I thought I would share a quick video with you about what we’re doing over there.

In this video, I actually show you some footage of my visit in 2014 and how different this remote region of Uganda was just 4 years later – it's pretty inspiring!

Most importantly, it opens the door for hundreds of children to learn about and tangibly feel God’s powerful love for them.

The good news is, you could be the voice breaking through the difficulties in a child’s life.

Right now we are hosting a fundraiser for UCSS and there are a lot of perks that come along with being a contributor!

You have the opportunity to sponsor a student for only $25 a month.

When you do, this will not only guarantee the student’s enrollment, but will also allow you to build a personal relationship with them.

Your sponsorship provides incredible hope to the students, knowing there is someone out there who loves and cares for them.

Along with this incredibly rewarding opportunity, everyone who sponsors a student this month will receive one of our rare and coveted FREEDOM tee shirts mailed right to your house!

(You can't buy these anywhere!)

…I know you don’t need a reason to do good, but I’ll give some more anyway 🙂

We're also going to add you into a raffle to win tickets to Deal Maker Bootcamp, the live, hands-on workshop, where you’ll gain the experience of what it’s like doing an apartment deal from start to finish.

AND… If you contribute $100/month or more, you’ll get a free VIP upgrade at Deal Make Live with your general admission ticket purchase.

Are you ready to step into a sponsorship relationship that brings dreams to life for a child in need?

Let’s do this!

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