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As a coach, it’s frustrating to me when I meet someone who tells me about the classes and seminars they’ve attended. When I ask them, “So, what kind of deals have you done,” they tell me that they haven’t… yet. But they’re signed up for the multi-family boot camp next month.

It’s not that the system we buy doesn’t work (most do); it’s that when we come home or finish the course, we don’t translate that into action to affect lasting transformation.

On the other hand, I see people who follow Nike’s advice and “just do it.” Yes, they may purchase the course, but they start doing things even before they finish. Yes, they ask questions, but the lack of answers doesn’t stop them from making offers. They don’t have the money raised from investors yet, but they send out the letters to out of state apartment building owners.

What differentiates the doers from the non-doers?

In this article I discuss why most investors fail to achieve their goals or even get off the sidelines.

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