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I want to share with you an offer we've been granted for the “Incorporation Startup Packet” by Garrett Sutton (Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki)

The regular fee for this professional service is $695 plus the state filing fees.  This week, you can get $100 off the formation fee, but only when you sign up for a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION and you have to mention MICHAEL BLANK to get the $100 discount.

Here is more information on everything you receive:

In my opinion, I believe the difference about Garrett's LLC formation is that:

1. It's done right, every time. 
2. He provides a registered agent in all states. 
3. He can get the Tax ID / EIN for you. 
4. He provides the Operating Agreement. 
5. He instructs you on maintaining the LLC so the corporate veil can't be pierced

Yes, this week you can get $100 off the standard service fee of $695.  

Sign up for a FREE 15 minute consultation & mention MICHAEL BLANK

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