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Attention Owners – How to Protect Yourself from the Impact of Coronavirus

How to Protect Yourself from the Impact of Coronavirus

If you own any kind of real estate, you’re probably pretty stressed right about now. You’re concerned about the effects of Covid on your tenants, and the implications it may have on you as the property owner. What if your tenants can’t pay? What if they won’t pay?? Can they sue you??? I’m going to answer these questions in the video below, so let’s get to it!

3 Priceless Contract Negotiation Tips to Keep You in Control of the Deal

Having bought and sold houses, commercial real estate, and restaurants, I’ve made lots of mistakes during the contract negotiation of the transactions. These mistakes can easily be avoided by addressing them properly and up-front in your contract agreements. Standard MRIS contracts for buying and selling single family houses are typically adequate for handling the vast […]

MB 108: Analyzing 100 Multifamily Deals to Find the ONE – With Andrew Cushman

Are you willing to analyze 100 deals to find ONE good one? Andrew Cushman sits down with me to discuss his first deal, a 92-unit property in Macon, Georgia, and share what he learned about vetting investors and estimating renovation costs. Listen in to understand why finding a good deal is challenging—but not impossible!

How to Know It’s Time to Walk Away From an Apartment Building Deal

You’ve looked at many different apartment building deals, and you finally have one under contract. Congratulations! Now the real work begins: due diligence. If you don’t uncover anything new that materially changes the deal, you’re well on your way to closing. But many times you DO uncover things during due diligence that you weren’t told […]

Estimating Acquisition and Closing Costs for Apartment Building Deals

Apartment Building Investing - Estimating Closing Costs

Many beginning commercial real estate investors are shocked at how much it costs to perform due diligence for a deal and how high the closing costs are. While the latter are usually paid for at closing, the former must be paid with hard cash while doing due diligence. In the video below, I review the […]