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What Makes Buying a Foreclosed Property Risky

What Makes Buying Foreclosed Property Risky

  Foreclosed properties sound like a great idea. We’ve all seen those HGTV shows where someone makes a lot of money on one. But there are a lot of risks involved. What are the risks and dangers of buying a foreclosed property? A foreclosed home is one that needs a lot of work. The previous […]

How to Win Deals With Your Real Estate Reputation

  In multifamily, everything hinges on your relationship with brokers. How do you differentiate yourself from all of the other groups out there? Your reputation. What can you do to really enhance that reputation, stand out and have the best in the market? For us, it was to close deals quicker than most groups. When […]

Introducing Young Deal Maker – Cody Davis!

Whether you’re going through college, whether you’re going through multifamily, neither way is going to get you rich overnight. With that said, one other question you should ask is What’s the game you really want to play in the long term? Do you want to be in a professional career that you’re going to go to every day? Or do you want to be a multifamily investor?

Winchester Apartments Due Diligence


The Winchester is our latest property and I wanted to give you an idea of what we found during our due diligence visit. If you look at the Winchester online, you’ll see the photos are attractive. It’s not quite as attractive in person, but the property is surprisingly clean. The signage is new and the […]

MB 263: The Curious Law of the First Deal + Why Get Certified

The Curious Law of the First Deal

Over and over again, I’ve observed that once an investor closes on their first multifamily deal, they achieve financial freedom and quit their job very quickly—and with little effort! Today, I discuss the curious Law of the First Deal and explain how our Deal Maker Certification gets you ‘deal ready’ in 90 days.

MB 262: The Deal Maker Certification for Multifamily Syndicators

The Deal Maker Certification for Multifamily Syndicators What if you could run a successful multifamily syndication business with other people’s money? And what if you could do it with no prior experience and achieve financial freedom in one to three years? Here at the Michael Blank organization, we’ve helped 130-plus new investors do their first deal, using a step-by-step process we […]

The Basics of Real Estate Syndications

The Basics of Real Estate Syndications

Real Estate syndications are one of the most attractive alternative investments available to passive investors today. Why? And how do you go about getting started? Maybe you’ve heard about the awesome benefits of real estate syndications, but you’re a little unclear about how it all works. Today, I’m going to share with you the basics […]


Finding Multifamily Off-Market Deals: Everything You Need to Know

FINDING OFF-MARKET MULTIFAMILY DEALS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW LET’S GET STARTED! A major challenge for investors in the multifamily space is access to consistent deal flow. While the internet makes it easy for us to search for available properties, smart investors know that properties posted online are there because no one else wanted them. […]

MB 231: Lessons of a Master Multifamily Deal Finder – With Garrett Lynch

2020 has been a tough year for finding multifamily deals. In fact, the Nighthawk team is currently in the process of closing on our first and only deal of the year. Today, Garrett Lynch joins me to explain what we’re looking for in a deal and how we’ve adjusted our underwriting in the COVID era!