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MB 114: The Ten Commandments of Negotation – With Stefan Aarnio

Every human interaction is a negotiation. Stefan Aarnio joins me to walk us through his ten commandments of negotiation, from the importance of gathering information before you make an offer to establishing clear goals going into a real estate negotiation. Learn to make people work for concessions, get what you want—and get out!

3 Steps to Get a Proof of Funds Letter for Your Next Multifamily Deal

We multifamily syndicators have it tough: we’re asked to make something happen without having all the resources (money and experience) ourselves. So when a broker tells us “the seller will entertain your offer but only with proof of funds” we’re stumped because we don’t HAVE the funds because we’re going to raise it and presumably […]

How To Handle Proof of Funds for Multifamily Investing

I write a lot about raising money from others, especially as a way to get started with multifamily investing even if you don’t have your own cash or good credit. The challenge is that if you’re raising money, chances are that you don’t have the net worth or liquidity to satisfy a seller’s request for […]