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Financial Freedom Podcast

If you want to learn how to invest in apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals, this is the podcast for you! My passion is helping others become financially free with real estate, specifically by investing in apartment buildings.Syndicating deals is the best way to build wealth without requiring your own money or credit.

Why Should You Listen To The Financial Freedom Podcast?

  • Tangible information and lessons from expert guests
  • Get indirect high level coaching from Michael Blank and Garret Lynch
  • Build your confidence so you can find financial freedom with multifamily real estate investing
financial freedom podcast

Will Is Multifamily Investing Better Than The Stock Market For Achieving Financial Freedom? 

Investing in the financial markets is stressful, especially in a crisis. Even if you happen to be brilliant at options trading, $100K in the equity market will still only buy $100K in assets. On the other hand, investing $100K in multifamily will buy you a $500K asset—and earn you five times the return. Not to mention the fact that it’s essentially recession-proof!

Why is the Financial Freedom Mindset so Important?

I used to dismiss mindset as the key to success. But I’ve since come to understand that until you get your head straight, you won’t take action. So, what mindset shifts do you need to make to become a successful multifamily investor? There are six seismic shifts you need to make to quit your job with real estate. financial freedom podcast

Financial Freedom and the Curious Law of the First Deal

It’s overwhelming to think through how many doors you need to quit your job with real estate. But what if I told you that all you really have to do is get one multifamily deal under your belt? Over and over again, I’ve observed that once an investor closes on their first deal, they achieve financial freedom very quickly—and with little effort. So, how does that work? This is my idea of a Time Freedom Clock – the typical timeline for quitting your job with multifamily. The Law of the First Deal works and our Deal Maker Certification gets you ‘deal ready’ in just 90 days!

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