First Deal Maker

The “First Deal Maker” coin is awarded to someone who has closed their first multifamily deal (2+ units), which triggers the Law of the First Deal, which means that the 2nd and 3rd deals will follow in rapid – almost automatic – succession and Financial Freedom is just 1-2 years away.

You’ve been on the journey for a while and just reached “base camp” (your first deal). You enjoy the moment, rest up, and celebrate a bit, and then you look up at the peak that lays ahead of you. The mountain peak represents the destination, which is financial freedom. It’s not that far away, and you know you’ll make it!


First Deal Maker Award Recipients:

I’m an officer in the navy and was looking for a way to replace my income. I discovered Michael’s podcast and decided to get started with small multifamily. I live in a 4-unit and rent out the other units and then I bought a triplex. I couldn’t scale fast enough, and that’s when I bought Michael’s Ultimate Guide course to learn about syndication. A month later, we had a 34 unit under contract in Kansas City.

Anthony Pinto

The networking at Deal Maker Live changed my life, putting me on the road to 324 units in just 6 months!

“My wife and I were doing SFH rentals, but it wasn’t replacing my W-2 income. So, in 2018, we decided to shift our business model to multifamily. I attended Deal Maker Live in January 2019 and connected with two experienced investors who have become my mentors. I ended up raising capital for them (and investing passively myself) in a 324-unit deal in Orlando. And now, syndicators, brokers and investors are calling ME!”

Duamel Vellon – Orlando, FL

“In March 2019, I closed on my first deal, a 128-unit property in Abilene, and now, I’m pursuing a 248-unit here in Dallas!”

100% – Found apartment for sale, called the County Tax Assessor Office to find out who owned the building, called the owner directly, verbally got confirmation and terms for them to seller finance, walked the property, underwrote an offer and submitted LOI (modeling it after MB's example in The Secret to Raising Money to Buy Your First Apartment Building), got the deal under contract, performed due diligence, re-negotiated deal after inspection (with support of my wife while I was on the phone), worked with the owner to re-draft contract via the title company (I worked in 3 months of deferred payments), raised the money, and closed the deal.

I have to say, I would not have been able to get my wife on board, if it was not for the content that Michael Blank post on his YouTube channel. She thought the deal was too big for us and that it was a good future goal, but MB convinced me I could get it done and the look in my eyes as I would explain concepts I learned from his videos convinced her I could as well. 

Whether I get this coin or not, I seriously just wanted to thank Michael Blank for what he has done for me and my family. Thank you sir! It truly is greatly appreciated.

Heath Jones

First Deal: 16 units in Enterprise AL!

In January of 2017, I made the commitment to become a multifamily real estate investor. After 16 months of trying to do it on my own and making little progress, I joined a mentorship program and by November 2018, I had my first deal under contract. Now I am comfortable going after $15M real estate deals, and Michael’s content was instrumental in motivating me. I haven’t missed a podcast in 2½ years!

Chihiro Kurokawa

Dallas, TX

The Secret To Raising Money To Buy Your First Apartment Building

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