Freedom Hall of Fame

The “Freedom Hall of Fame” coin is awarded to someone who has achieved financial freedom with multifamily real estate – either as an active or passive investor. “Financial freedom” means that they’ve either quit their jobs or have covered their basic living expenses with income from apartments.

Financial freedom is a major milestone, but it’s not the ultimate goal. It’s only the beginning of the next chapter. The compass rose represents the “true north” that every person needs to find for themselves and follow with courage and integrity. It’s the ultimate journey towards living a life of significance and leaving a legacy.

If you’re coming to Deal Maker Live, I’d like to give you these coins in person on stage. If not, I will mail them to you.

In order to qualify for one of these awards, you have to acknowledge with a video testimonial that we have helped you achieve your goals in some meaningful way. This could be through the podcast or book or it could be through some of our programs.

First Deal Maker Award Recipients:

“I Quit My Job 5 Months After Getting Started with Multifamily!”

At the height of my banking career, I got laid off and it rocked me and family to the core. In November 2018 I decided to pursue multifamily investing, educated myself and got started. During the next 4 months, I closed on a 27 unit and 10 unit apartment building and quit my job with passive income coming from those properties!”

Gary Guidi – Chicago, IL

“Three deals and financially free in 12 months!”

I signed up for Michael’s program in May of 2018. By June, I had my first property under contract, and I’ve been on a roll ever since. One year later, I have built a multifamily portfolio of 3 properties (95 units total), and I have 2 more deals under contract—a 94-unit I am syndicating and a 48-unit I am buying on my own. I have achieved financial freedom within 12 months of starting the program. I would recommend Michael’s mentoring program to anyone who’s serious about quitting their job with passive income from apartments!

David Kamara – Ann Arbor, MI

“I Quit My Job 11 Months After Joining Michael’s Program”

“I joined Michael’s mentoring program and quit my job 11 months later because I had a growing pipeline of deals and investors and wanted to accelerate my goals. That freed me up to start a podcast and meetup, which allow me to attract more investors. 2 months later, I found my first deal, a 41 unit. We raised $1M and we closed it 5 months later. 3 weeks after that, we now have a 128 unit under LOI – the purchase price is $15.4M – an amazingly high price that was completely out of my comfort zone just 12 months ago. The Law of the First Deal in action! sThank you, Michael for your guidance and for having confidence in me.”

Kyle Mitchell – Los Angeles, CA

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