My son recently crossed over as a boy scout, and these boy scouts LOVE to go camping — a LOT. As I was sitting in front of the campfire, the wild thought occurred to me that the process of properly building a fire can also teach us to properly build our real estate investing career.

In this article, I talk about 5 lessons the boy scouts taught me about building a campfire that we can directly apply to real estate investing.

  • Start with a spark and decide to take action.
  • Set yourself up with kindling by attending a boot camp, signing up with a coach or joining a mastermind group.
  • Follow up with a good layer of kindling to get the fire burning. Set your sights on an initial goal that is both achievable AND gets you closer to your ultimate goal.
  • Graduate from kindling to logs to create a large fire you can build on with little effort. Go after bigger deals sooner.
  • Wait until the fire catches. Be patient and persistent. All you need is that first deal. Once you get it, your fire will explode and it’s easier to add other, even much larger, deals.

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