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MB 216: Financially Free at Age 21– With Kyle Marcotte

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How do you become a successful multifamily syndicator when you’re not old enough to order a beer? What does it take to overcome objections around being too young and too inexperienced—and raise more than half a million dollars in capital for your very first deal? What’s it like to achieve financial freedom before you turn 21?

Kyle Marcotte is an entrepreneur and multifamily real estate investor with a 119-unit portfolio valued at $5.5M. He was a pre-med student and Division I soccer player at UC Davis when Kyle learned about the potential to generate passive income with real estate. At the age of 20, he raised $600K and closed on his first deal in just four months. Now, Kyle is on a mission to help others become financially free with multifamily investing—regardless of age or experience.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Kyle joins me to explain why he burned the boats and quit college to pursue real estate full time. He discusses how he got brokers and investors to take him seriously despite his lack of experience, sharing what gave him the confidence to keep moving forward through hundreds of no’s—until he finally got a YES. Listen in to understand why Kyle went for such a BIG first deal (a joint venture on 107 units!) and learn what he is doing now to build a personal brand and scale his multifamily syndication business.

Key Takeaways

What inspired Kyle to get into real estate

  • Read Rich Dad Poor Dad, got educated about passive income
  • Quit college to devote energy to multifamily

How Kyle realized he had the personality of an entrepreneur

  • Never able to accept being told what to do
  • Always trying to figure out best way

What financial freedom means to Kyle

  • Cover expenses with cashflow, residual income
  • Control over what day looks like

How Kyle got investors to take him seriously at the age of 20

  • Own inexperience but sell on grit
  • Deal pitch deck with multiple scenarios in story form

The specifics of Kyle’s first joint venture deal

  • 107-unit in Louisville (value-add play)
  • Raised $600K of $1M for $4.5M purchase price

Why Kyle kept going after hearing hundreds of no’s

  • Burned boats and had no other option
  • Commit to outcome, eventually someone says YES

Why Kyle went after such a large first deal

  • Need 75 units to achieve economies of scale
  • Acquisition harder but affords more control of time long-term

The nature of Kyle’s first joint venture partnership

  • Partner focused on underwriting
  • Kyle worked on raising capital

How things changed for Kyle after his first deal

  • Silenced critics, feeling of peace and ease
  • Credibility with investors who see as phenom

What Kyle is doing to build his investor base

  • Serve as guest on podcast circuit
  • Show up consistently on social media

How gave Kyle the confidence to keep moving forward

  • Relationship with higher power for guidance
  • Voice inside stronger than outside resistance

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