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A lot of people have told me “Hey, Michael, your podcast is great, but what's new with you? What are you working on right now?”

So in this episode I'm doing something a little different: listen in as Joe Fairless and I catch up on what we're up to. Joe is also a multifamily investor doing some really big projects.  In this episode we share with you insights, successes and our challenges, too. No matter at what level you're playing the game, we all need to surround ourselves with peers to keep us moving forward.

This is one of those sessions.

Do you have a mentor or mastermind that you're part of? If not, and you're looking for one, contact me here.

BTW … Joe also posted this episode on his podcast, which you can find here. His podcast is called “The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever” and it's awesome. And, Joe puts out ONE episode per DAY. Definitely check it out and add it to your feed.

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