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We believe real estate syndications are THE best investments available to passive investors and we’re passionate about helping you get clear about how passive investing work so that you can get started on your journey of financial freedom.

Today, let’s get back to the basics.

ABCs of Real Estate Investing

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We’ll begin with an A – Tax Advantages

You’ve probably been taught that in order to have money in your retirement, you should strive for a net worth in the millions so that you can live on 4% of the principle.

That may seem like an insurmountable goal, but here’s the thing about real estate syndication, you have the tremendous benefit of tax advantages.

With real estate investment, you are not only building wealth, you also have cash flow coming in. You don’t need to tap into your principle.

You get extraordinary tax benefits that allow you to legally and ethically defer paying taxes.

An obvious B – Apartment Buildings.

When it comes to investing, you have many asset classes to consider including, but not limited to, self-storage units, mobile home parks, retail buildings, office buildings, light industrial.

Our favorite, of course, is multifamily apartment buildings.

All asset classes perform will in an upmarket, but apartment buildings perform well in all economies, including recessions and down cycles. No matter what is happening, there is always a need for housing.

That brings us to a C – Creating the Life You Want to Live.

If you’re interested in passive investing, you have to look at your “why”.

Maybe you want to make more money quickly. Maybe you need steady cash flow to fund other projects. Your “why” likely comes down to lifestyle.

You want to improve your income so that you can have a better life.

As an investor, you will spend a lot of time engaged with your business, but when you see your business as one aspect of your whole life, you will find you can set limits on your work day. You will get more done during your working hours and have more time to fully participate in other activities – the things you want to do.

Passive investing can help you spend more time with those you love, and there's nothing more important.


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When you invest in multifamily real estate, you put yourself on that road to financial freedom with benefits that you simply don’t get with other investments, like the stock market:

We don’t believe you’re going to find this combination anywhere else with any other investment vehicle.

If you’re ready to get started, educate yourself and check out these passive investing resources.

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