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My mission is to show you how you can become financially free with real estate, and as podcast host, I get to talk to some of the most successful and inspiring people out there — entrepreneurs, multifamily syndicators, capital raisers, and influencers.

I want to share some of their wisdom to help you on YOUR journey of financial freedom with passive investing.

If I could go back in time, I’d return to 2010 and take advantage of the big buying moment in real estate at the time, but Ronan McMahon argues that if you set your sights beyond the United States, there are big buying moments at play somewhere in the world right now.

International Investing

On this episode of the Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Ronan explains why investors should diversify by investing in international markets.

He offers insight on how to choose projects with significant upside potential. Listen in for Ronan’s advice on partnering with trusted operators in other countries and learn how his team connects investors with opportunities overseas.

As a passive investors, we understand the importance of building a diverse portfolio. And while multifamily is the best investment on the planet, it doesn’t hurt to explore our options, especially when BIG opportunities present themselves. So, what are the opportunities in oil right now? And how do we choose a project that is likely to succeed?

Opportunities In Oil For Passive Investors

On this episode, Bob Burr explains how he set himself up for buying opportunities when oil prices dropped and share the tax advantages of investing in oil. He walks us through the parallels between multifamily and oil, discussing the importance of putting together an experienced team that can identify and operate value-add projects. Listen in for Bob’s insight on why a passive investor should consider adding oil to their portfolio.

Time is precious. Are you spending your days doing what you love with the people you love? What if multifamily real estate could help you do just that? What if you could achieve financial freedom fast—regardless of your current financial situation?

Freedom To Do What You Love

On this episode, Megan Lamke explains why she took a W-2 job after college (despite wanting to become a real estate entrepreneur) and what she did to live below her means and pay off her debt so fast.

She describes what she did to find a good operator as a passive investor and how she leveraged her sales and marketing background to transition to active investing. Listen in for Megan’s insight on how to raise capital at scale with a platform and learn how YOU can achieve financial freedom and spend time doing what you love!

Without the high-net-worth individuals who put money in our deals, we wouldn’t have a syndication business. And yet, most of us are terrible at showing our appreciation to the passive investors we work with. When a deal goes through, we send them a mug or hat with our logo on it and call it a day. But does that reflect what the relationship is actually worth to us? Is there a better way to do gifting?

Gifting The Right Way

On this episode, John Ruhlin introduces us to the giftology system, describing how he leverages generosity to turn his best clients into salespeople and raving fans. Listen in for John’s insight on how much to allocate for gift-giving and learn how YOU can get a 10X return by investing in the people who make your business profitable.

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