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“When you chase money, money runs. When you’re focused on mission, you attract money.”

To reach the highest levels of success in real estate, it’s important to have your mind—and heart—in the right place. If your WHY is about more than just you, if your mission has meaning, business will come to you. So, what’s driving you?

Kent Clothier is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, a real estate software and education platform that offers aspiring investors a curriculum of proven systems and technology as well as national data on real estate cash buyers and private lenders. A serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, he also owns and operates the multimillion-dollar brands Real Market Experts, 1-800-SELL-NOW FREE, Find Cash Buyers NOW and Find Private Lenders NOW.

Today, Kent joins me to explain how his definition of success has shifted from a focus on money to a focus on impact. He offers insight on designing a meaningful mission and going all-in to reach your goals—without sacrificing your quality of life. Kent describes how he has created a life of balance, sharing the massive lessons learned from losing everything after 13 years of running his first business. Listen in for Kent’s advice on becoming a student of scale and learn the value of people, processes and technology in building a fulfilling real estate business that complements your personal life!

Ken Clothier Real Estate – Key Takeaways

Kent’s background in real estate

  • Started as wholesaler in 2002
  • Turnkey operation (completed 5K flips to date)
  • Runs software, education business (50K students)

How Kent’s definition of success has changed

  • Money was driving factor 10 years ago
  • Massive windfall as shift in focus to mission

What inspired Kent to focus on mission

  • Uncle/mentor passed away at 61
  • Standing for something attracts people

Kent’s insight on the necessity of going all-in

  • Capable of much when back against wall
  • Success connected to meaningful mission

Kent’s take on the difference between failure and success

  • NEVER about how much you know
  • Failing is inevitable but doesn’t define you
  • ‘I will simply never quit’

How Kent connects with his WHY every day

  • Will somebody say I mattered?
  • ‘This is where my competition will quit’

How Kent creates a life of balance

  • High quality of life (e.g.: dream house on ocean)
  • Monthly vacation, walk daughters to school
  • In business of ‘creating moments’

Kent’s massive lesson around balance

  • Sacrificed family, personal life in first business
  • Walked away from company out of arrogance
  • Tried to pirate employees, customers
  • Got sued and lost everything
  • Got serious about systems with new business

Kent’s advice around scaling your business

  • Good people, systems around you
  • Document processes as build team
  • ‘Elegance in simplicity’

Kent’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal

  • Launch new business (Cribs)
  • Go toe-to-toe with Opendoor

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