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Raising capital is crucial in making a real estate syndication happen. But how do you connect with high-net-worth individuals who are interested in multifamily? And then, how do you build trust with those prospective investors? One strategy is to create quality content and design a platform around those resources, attracting passive investors by giving them access to the information they need.

Annie Dickerson is the Cofounder and Managing Partner at Goodegg Investments, a firm dedicated to helping clients achieve financial freedom through passive investing in multifamily real estate. Goodegg has built a reputation for helping its investors gain access to great deals, connecting them with cashflowing real estate syndications. Annie’s strength lies in content creation, and the Goodegg platform features educational resources and a course for new investors, Passive Real Estate Investor Academy.

Today, Annie joins me to describe the freedom of being a full-time multifamily investor, explaining how she overcame her fears and gained the confidence to quit her 9-to-5. She discusses how she came to realize her strengths in raising capital and educating passive investors and offers insight into how she met her cofounder and established a partnership with Goodegg. Listen in to understand why Annie chose to focus on content creation and learn how developing educational resources has helped her connect with potential investors and accelerate her business!

Key Takeaways

Annie’s transition from full-time employee to full-time investor

How Annie overcame her fear to become an entrepreneur

How Annie’s life is different now that she’s investing full-time

What gave Annie the confidence to quit her job

How Annie found her strength in raising capital

How Annie came to start Goodegg Investments with a partner

Why Annie focused on building an educational platform

How Annie’s content has served to accelerate her business

What’s next for Annie and Goodegg Investments

Annie’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

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