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Those of us who enjoy success in the real estate business are typically introduced to a model, an investor operating at a scale we never considered, who gives us an idea for what’s possible and a vision for the future. And if we’re smart, we can learn from their mistakes and leverage their knowledge and experience as a springboard, affording us a more direct path to our own financial freedom.

Jacob Blackett is the Founder and CEO of Holdfolio, a platform that connects investors with high-yield investments in the real estate industry, and Syndication Pro, a software company that helps syndicators raise capital and manage investors online. Jacob got his start doing fix-and-flips as a 19-year-old sophomore in college, and today, he has placed over $50M into income-producing real estate, building a portfolio of 600+ units (as the lead sponsor) and a network of 3K registered investors.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Jacob joins me to explain how an infomercial inspired his interest in real estate and share his journey from fix-and-flips to wholesaling to SFH rentals to multifamily. He walks us through the steps he took to scale his real estate business, describing why it’s beneficial to have an in-house property management team and how the technology he built to raise capital online became Syndication Pro. Listen in to understand how Jacob overcame losing $40K on his first deal and learn how to avoid his mistakes by joint venturing with an experienced team early on!

Key Takeaways

What attracted Jacob to the real estate space

Jacob’s experience with his first fix-and-flip

Why Jacob pivoted from flipping to SFH rentals

Jacob’s first AHA moment around scaling his business

What inspired Jacob’s transition to multifamily

Jacob’s first multifamily deal

What surprised Jacob most about multifamily

Jacob’s background working in property management

The benefits of using in-house property management

Jacob’s first steps for scaling his real estate business

How Jacob scaled his capital raising efforts

How Jacob bounced back from losing $40K

Jacob’s advice to his 19-year-old self

Jacob’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

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