If I could go back in time, I’d return to 2010 and take advantage of the big buying moment in real estate at the time. But Ronan McMahon argues that if you set your sights beyond the States, there are circumstances like that at play somewhere in the world right now—if you’re willing to invest in international markets.

Ronan is a contributing editor at International Living and founder of Real Estate Trend Alert, a newsletter where he explores investment opportunities from all over the world. Ronan spends six months of the year on the road, looking for the best real estate investments around the globe. He is also the author of Profit Principle: An Insider’s Guide to Doubling Your Money in Real Estate Overseas.

On this episode of the Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Ronan joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain why investors should consider diversifying with international real estate. He offers insight on the international markets he likes right now, describing how to invest in the path of progress and choose projects with significant upside potential. Listen in for Ronan’s advice on partnering with trusted operators in other countries and learn how his team connects investors with opportunities overseas.

Ronan McMahon – Key Takeaways 

How Ronan got into international real estate investing

  • Invested in home country of Ireland until values too high 
  • Invited to travel, identify projects for International Living

Why investors should consider international real estate

  • Big buying moments always happening somewhere
  • Less competition with other investors vs. US

Ronan’s advice on shortening your learning curve

  • Find trusted partner on ground with local knowledge
  • Start with market one step from home beat (e.g.: Cabo)

Ronan’s insight on securing financing in international markets

  • ‘Forget it’ (come with capital)
  • Choose projects with incredibly high returns

The international markets Ronan likes right now

  • Algarve region of Portugal
  • Tulum and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Panama City

How Ronan’s business model is set up

  • Partner with developers for access to first 100 units
  • Members purchase individual condos at discount

Ronan’s advice on navigating the legal system in other countries

  • Partner with locals in business for multiple generations
  • Little recourse in handshake countries with weak courts

How Ronan’s team navigates regulatory issues outside the US

  • Avoid by connecting developers with individual buyers
  • Mindful of liability around holding title in Mexico

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