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When you work a traditional job, your ability to feed your family can be taken away from you at any moment. And your worth is determined by your employer. 

But what if YOU can determine your own worth? What if you can earn enough passive income from real estate to walk away from your J-O-B and be your own boss? 

Dustin Heiner is the creator of Master Passive Income, a platform and podcast where he shares insights on investing in real estate rental properties. 

Getting laid off from his 9-to-5 inspired Dustin to pursue investing, and by 2016, Dustin had built a portfolio of 30 properties and quit his job in IT, becoming what he calls ‘successfully unemployed.' 

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dustin joins Garrett Lynch and me to discuss what he loves about passive income and share some of the mistakes he made with his first few investments. 

Dustin explains why it's important to build your business first, challenging you to look for markets with good inventory and put a team in place BEFORE you buy properties. 

Listen in for Dustin's insight on leveraging real estate to leave a legacy and find out how a mentor can support YOU in becoming successfully unemployed—like Dustin!

Dustin Heiner – Key Takeaways 

How Dustin got into real estate 

What Dustin loves about passive income 

The mistakes Dustin made with his first investments 

The value of working with a mentor or coach 

Dustin's ‘right way' to invest in real estate 

  1. Find area with good inventory 
  2. Hire property manager and other experts on ground 
  3. THEN look for properties 

Why Dustin used SFHs to achieve financial freedom 

Dustin's advice to his younger self 

The 4 legacies Dustin strives to leave 

  1. Money 
  2. Time 
  3. Relationships 
  4. Service

Connect with Dustin Heiner

Master Passive Income 

Master Passive Income Podcast 

Master Passive Income on YouTube 

Dustin's Free Real Estate Investing Course [Text RENTAL to 33777]

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