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“Dream big but start small.”  Today, it doesn'€™t take much to get started in real estate investing and in this episode you will find out just how little it takes to get into your first multi-family unit.

I invited Keith on the show to discuss how he got into multifamily investing by moving into his first home he ever bought: a 4-plex. Over the years, Keith has added to his portfolio and is now a full-time investor.

Keith is the Founder of Get Rich Education to teach others about the life-altering power of investing, especially through real estate. He hosts of one of America'€™s top investing shows – Get Rich Education – with thousands of listeners in over 160 world nations. He'€™s heard everywhere from iTunes to iHeartRadio, and regularly hosts Kiyosaki Rich Dad Advisors as guests.

Keith Weinhold – Key Takeaways

[3:19] You CAN move to a location that you dream of living in instead of moving wherever there's a job.

[9:00] Sometimes we need to “unlearn” before we can learn

[10:40] How Kieth Got started with an FHA loan (it'€™s still available TODAY)

[16:55] Forget about compounding, the key is Leverage

[22:09] What to look for to make sure you “buy right”

[25:50] How to find the best listings

[29:16] What to look for in a property manager. What to look for in the “Interview process”.

[32:57] ROTI- “€œReturn on Time Invested”€ is a metric you need to think about when it comes to self-managing your properties.

[35:32]  If Keith could do it all over again, what would he do differently?

[38:57] How to think about debt: Outsourcing to tenants.

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