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There are many advantages to investing in multifamily over single family rentals and this week I’m joined by a guy that has invested a lot in both.

Rod Khleif has been a real estate investor for the past 25 years has owned over 2000 apartments and homes. Rod shares his fascination real estate investing journey and how he built a HUGE single family house investing business which kicked his butt during the recession. Rod gives us the pros and cons of Single Family Vs Multifamily investing and discusses why he thinks a correction is coming and why multifamily’s are the best investment right now.

But ask Rod what he is most proud of, and he will tell you about his work as a community philanthropist. Over the past 14 years, Rod’s work has benefited more than 40,000 underprivileged community children.

Rod has a new book, coming soon, on the topic of multifamily investing and listeners of this podcast can get it for FREE by texting “Rod” to 41411. Rod hosts a new and already popular podcast called the Lifetime Cashflow Podcast.

Rod Khleif – Key Takeaways

[3:58] Single-family rentals either are rented or they are not. With multifamily dwellings, you can typically cover your expenses, even with a vacancy.
[6:03] Learn a business, and confidence and the ability to influence people will follow.
[7:30] Always be learning. Regardless of how much you know, there is always something to learn.
[10:28] To be good at investing, you need to learn to love it.
[10:47] Learn to find positives in negative situations.
[14:24] Pros and cons of Multifamily investing.
[18:08] The beautiful thing about multifamily is it’s valued based on the net operating income NOT comps.
[19:34] By improving net operating income you can exponentially raise the value of an apartment building.
[21:53] Financing on large deals can be easier to secure, with better terms.
[25:01] It’s easier to scale multifamily investing than single family.
[27:12] You can become finically free with ONE transaction in multifamily. It generally takes dozens of single family deals to accomplish the same thing.
[30:16] If you’re willing to do what others don’t do, you will be a success.
[37:09] The importance of visualizing your goals.
[39:47] Know the “why” behind your goals.

Mentioned in this interview

• Rod's Podcast is the Lifetime Cashflow Podcast:
• Rods new book all about multi-family real estate investing: Text “Rod” to 41411 and get the book FREE when it’s released.

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