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It’s just me on this episode and I want to talk with you guys about mindset. Expanding your mind is something help you achieve your goals in the fastest way possible. Staying within your comfort zone can do the opposite.

In this podcast I outline 5 Reasons why bigger is better with apartment building investing and then give you 3 practical ways to expand your comfort zone, so you can do more/bigger deals.

Key Takeaways:

[0:30] We limit ourselves based on what we believe is possible.

[3:14] Buying an apartment building twice as big really doesn’t add that much work.

5 Reasons Why Bigger is Better with Apartment Building Investing

[4:18] Reason # 1: A Much Better Buying Experience

[4:55] Reason # 2: Economies of Scale.

[5:25] Reason # 3: Less closing costs as a percentage of the deal

[5:55] Reason # 4: Better financing

[6:40] Reason # 5: Bigger Profits for less work

3 Practical Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone (So You Can Do More Deals!)

[10:31] Tip # 1: It all starts with visualization

[12:01] Tip # 2: Create a sample deal package.

[13:43] Tip # 3: Visit properties that are outside of your comfort zone

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Book: The Miracle Morning

eBook: The Secret to Raising Money To Buy Your First Apartment Building

Movie: The Secret

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